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  • John J. Wang
    Dear Sirs,

    For a new company with only 2 persons but with invention patent (just applied on May 04, 2012 in Taiwan) in Taiwan, do you think we have the opportunity to get angel vestment from UK?

    We are planning to make Electricity Shoes, LED Flashing Shoes, LED Flashing Skateboard, Heating Shoes and Electricity Floors with our Micro Generator Module. We are looking for angel investor to invest us.

    With best regards,

    John J. Wang

  • neil_lewis
    Hi John

    Thanks – I think the chances of angel investment from the UK are small for two reasons

    1. The 50 to 78% tax breaks apply only to UK companies – hence UK angels have a massive incentive to invest in the UK
    2. Strategically, the investment risk increases the further you are away from a startup

    I would think that you would be better off finding a distributor / partner in the UK and then that partner raising funds in the UK. But, to qualify for Seed investment, the UK company would need to be less than 2 years old and below a certain turn over.


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