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We get lots of entrepreneurs asking if we can help them get funding. So, we’ve created this page to allow entrepreneurs to post brief summaries of their proposals.

Please use the comments below to add a briefdescription of your proposal and note that this is a moderated forum, so your post may not appear immediately and won’t appear at all if it looks spammy or full of links / repetition.

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  • Stevesims
    Real investment returning 15-30% P/A
    looking for start up of £150k, for 1st deal returning all investment plus bonus within 3 months, this is to prove project will work building confidence in investors , we are aiming to 6mill per month in time with 25-30% return on investment over 14 months paying investors interest and loan monthly
  • neil_lewis
    Hi Steve – please explain a bit about your business.
  • sanjeet singh
    Dear sirs/Mam ,

    we are looking for funding for our project name .
    ClickJobs is India’s fastest growing job portal helping companies attract
    talents across the country. is a business managed by Perspi Interactive Pvt Ltd. An
    intrinsically user-needs centric website is a career and
    professional networking portal that has created a new market space for itself
    a relatively short span of time.

    Perspi Interactive Pvt Ltd was a division of Consim Info Pvt Ltd (formerly the
    Bharatmatrimony Group), which effectively caters to the diverse needs of the
    net-savvy masses that turn to the Internet and mobile for solutions.

    With a corporate portfolio that comprises of Property, Automobile, Career and
    Professional Networking to Listings and SMS services, the company nurtures
    monumental aspirations to change the face of the Internet industry across the

    Headquartered in Chennai India, with footprints in select cities across the
    country, the company has come a long way since inception. A Yahoo, Canaan and
    Mayfield Funds invested company; ClickJobs started as a career portal
    predominantly focused on providing a platform for jobseekers and employers to
    connect and has successfully managed to evolve with time.Specialties
    Corporate Hiring Solution for all sizes of Companies, Employment Branding,
    Talent Management Pool, Social Media Recruitment, Marketing & Advertising

    we are also sharing our profile —-

    first of all you will go through our profile before sharing the business Plan

    pls mail me :

  • steve

    We are looking to raise £750,000 in 2 tranches to help to
    grow Salesbridge from its current seed/ start-up position to market leader.

    Salesbridge has been designed to capture the UK public
    sector procurement market with its unique operational system and charging

    Please contact me for further details.


    Steve Spruce

  • giuseppe uslenghi
    We are a Brazil-based private equity company with a current investment portfolio worth approximately US$25m, and a good performance track record.

    We are looking for additional funding (up to US$5m) for one of our recently invested companies, in the construction business.
    We can offer alternative structures including convertible loan, straight loan, and co-investment in a construction project.
    Please let me know if this is of interest, and I can send you additional information
    Giuseppe Uslenghi

  • Gary Pulford
    Investor Options while looking for a business to invest in I represent a unique Investment Guernsey regulated fund that creates returns from broking government and Institutional debt. A profit is derived from each deal and so our funds remain in cash ensuring no liquidity problem. The initial returns are impressive(see fact sheet on link),we are achieving our predicted 15-24% annual returns for clients. I would be happy to provide further explanation if there is any interest. Gary Pulford Cell (UK) 07973 550 624
  • giuseppe
    We are a Brazil-based private equity company with a current investment portfolio worth approximately US$25m, and a good ROI track record.
    We are looking for additional funding at the holding level (up to US$10M for additional investments) and for one of our recently invested companies (up to US$5m), in the construction business.
    We can offer to investors alternative structures including convertible loans, straight loans, and co-investment in a fund.
    Please let me know if this may be of interest, and if you want additional information.
    Thanks and best regards
    Giuseppe Uslenghi
  • Terry Dobransky
    need 6 mil usd for making enough product for our patented myco turf management system on golf courses. We have 27 contracts, will put company, patent, contracts up for collateral. loan us 6 mil pay back 18mil. Have all docs. Please email or call 216-269-2331-Terry
  • Kunal Shah
    kunal shah : What kind of funding you are looking . What are your business plan.
  • sanjeet singh
    Yes , we are looking funding .



  • sanjeet
    hi kunal,

    can you send me your mail id , so that will send you the details .
    my mail id is –

  • kunal shah
  • SMRC
    This isn’t a typical investment. We are
    looking for a loan, that pays prime+7% plus 3x the amount of money you loaned,
    every year for life, as donations to your favorite charities + the reward
    points (redeemable for prizes, contests, events, charitable receipts). We are
    broke, so we don’t have cash or typical collateral to back the loan, so that’s
    why we are offering such a massive deal (which is much less risky than if you were to invest). However this transaction is backed by
    a current traction of 7 million members (min. 10M by launch) who will generate
    $219 Million dollars a year in data revenues. The revenues are generated by sponsor
    funded incentives of charitable donations (plus rewards) for audience response
    to any sponsor’s advertisements. Our 7m members receive increased levels of
    rewards the more they are able to prove their attention to the content of the
    sponsors promotion (through a Trivial Pursuit-like research game)..
    incentivizing conversions up to 10x as deep, with research on how effective
    their advertisements are on their targeted audiences (targeted by charity).
    This service can be applied across all advertising mediums (Google, Bing,
    Facebook, TV, Print, Radio, etc.), and social medias, and to any business
    (including any of your investments), and even includes a custom TV-Guide-esque
    schedule of all sponsor opporunties (given to each member), allowing for
    non-invasive, custom advertising that our members have powerful incentives to
    respond to. Sponsors get to advertise for $.03, and get deep
    conversions/promotional attention for $1 on average (which goes to charity).
    Think that’s worth it to both sponsors and members? Nothing like this exists.
    There is no competition, only a massive, untapped market, including the 46% of
    people who never respond to ads, but now can’t afford not to.
  • sanjeet singh
  • sanjeet singh
    m chor
  • CEO
    Dr. Sanjeet Singh is Fraud . He is Phd. in cheque bouncing….
  • Bryan Chambers
    Naples, FL. Landscape Business and Patent Pending device. 83% revenue increase each year for last 4 years. More customers than equipment and employees. Need expansion funds for equipment, working capital, patent pending-sale or manufacture. No debt. 280k 1st round, stock sale or 8% w/ 12% profit participation. Negotiable. email for docs. Email
  • Lee Donaghy
    We are a production company based in London looking to procure £150,000 for our SEIS fund for the production of our feature film. Principal photography is scheduled to commence in February 2013. Finance needs to be raised by end of December.

    Full proposal available as well as full International sales figures and distribution breakdowns.

    For further information please contact:

    Many thanks,


  • Greenvillage 4u Ltd
  • London Startups
    We are a marketplace that supports start-ups right from the start till finding an investor. Whether you are a start-up or a global firm we can help you raise capital with less effort and a low cost. Depending on your requirements we can locate prospective partners for you.Email us your requirement ( and we can take you through channel to make you successful.
  • Barnaby
    SEIS Assured Venture With Considerable Global Potential Across Many Lucrative Income Streams.

    I am looking to raise £60,000 ‘late’ development funds for a very well-received unique television, digital media and print property with UK broadcaster interest, ‘household-name’ actors & BAFTA winning contributors, offering a 50-78% short-term return of invested funds assured through the Government/HMRC sponsored SEIS scheme.

    An executive summary and link to a ‘promo’ are available.

  • I am an Italian chemist, I am 22 years old and live in milan,

    I have a good business idea, it comes to investing in the recycling of parts and components of computers and electronic boards to recover precious metals such as gold, platinum, eccecc

    if there are people interested, contact me


  • Manish Sinha
    We are planning to launch our unique Wireless Internet
    Services across India. Testing & R&D has been done successfully. We are
    looking for funds for roll-out this module. We are in start-up mode & our
    company looking for either in form of JV, Equity or some other. You may contact
    us on or +91-8800000302 for Business Executive
    Summary & Product Details.


  • OnBoard Tours
    PREFERRED OFFERING: OnBoard Tours operates sightseeing tours, transportation services, nightclub tours, VIP private tours, and other services in New York City, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. The company started in 2004.

    We are in search of up to $2 million in preferred equity capital (8% annual dividend, guaranteed) to fund our continued growth, which has averaged 30% per year for the past four years. The Company expects total sales of over $10 million in 2013, with a consolidated net profit of approximately $1 million. We expect annual top-line growth of 15-20% over the next 3-5 years.

    We expect this offering to be oversubscribed, so we are looking for investors who can bring more to the table than merely cash.

    Hi all! I’m looking for a mentor who can help me with my business idea.

    I want to open a chain of restaurants.

  • Mr.Sydney Rael
    Good day,

    I am Sydney Rael, a financial consultant; I have a client who wants to invest huge Million USD into any profitable business in your country. The fund will be given to you as a loan.

    The loan is available for small, medium and large scale industrial purposes. The loan facility will be available to you as long as you have the right collateral. Contact us today for more information:E-mai:

    Mr.Sydney Rael

  • Jeff Crisell
    I am seeking SEED EIS funding of up to £150k for a company specialising in development of performance support apps for businesses. The company has already made sales but requires funding to recuit a sales team to follow up on a substantial number of leads and to invest in marketing to grow the business. For a full Information Memorandum and an example of the type of app developed please e-mail
  • Hal Witlach
  • Louis A.
    Our company aims to manage 150 short term serviced apartments in London-Kensington and King’s Cross areas within the next 18-24 months. We need 75K funding to add properties faster. Based on a conservative model, dividend is 100% starting the 2nd yr or 300% with buyback option.

    These financial projections are based on conservative estimates, and we expect even higher rates of return, with the future possibility of selling the business or expanding it internationally.

    An executive summary is available on request.

  • Anil Kumar
    world wide project funding available !!

    First we will need a detailed executive summary/business plan for these projects(Renewable energy, construction,

    industries, real estate(US & DUBAI), business expansions) required documents in the attached files(transaction summary form and project funding overview) and below docs. Please have all in English.

    1.Financial Statement- Both personal and Business of all principles

    2.Business Plan and power purchase agreement(renewable energy).

    3.Lender application –


    5.Feasibility Study

    6.Environmental Reports

    7.Pro forma

    8.Approved permits

    9.Management profile

    10.Detailed breakdown use of funds/ cost

    11.Contractor estimates

    12.Copies of contracts

    13.Letter of intent to fund or any other funding offer already issued by another funding source

    14.Copies of bank statements if it is a refinance for pay off amount

    As always the lender may required additional documents. You may send other documents that you feel will help.

    Note; Kindly mention the amounts in USD. Min $ 5 M to Max 100M

    Loan against DLC available as per the attached file Only(DLC VERBIAGE).

    SWIFT MT 799 50M EUROS AVAILABLE from Barclay’s London @ 13+2.

    We dont charge upfront fees, but we do need all the relevant documents from the borrower related to him and the project.


  • Crowd Funding
    Have you tried to get loans from banks with no success? Urgently need money to get out of debt? Need money for expansion or establishment of your own business’. We offer long and short term loan with a loan amount from 5.000 to 5,000,000.00 U.S. dollars, pounds sterling, Euro, CZK, etc. with low interest rate of 3% on all parts of the world.The program is available to applicants who are 18 and older.

    For more information, please contact via email:

  • John Nicholson
    250k funding call for Insurance Exchange platform in US major marketing contract imminent and broker recruiting process started. For more info
  • Dear Investor’s/Loan Seeker’s,

    You are welcome to Lin Poh Loan Firm! We are a private Investor /Lender, We Offers Private, Business, Project, Investment and Personal Loans etc with low Interest Rates within 1 to 20 years repayable duration period to any part of the world.We give out loans of any amount you requested. Our loans are well insured for maximum security which is our priority.

    We are project finding’s and we offer loan from the range of $5,000 to $500,000,000 and also mainly in any currency USD, CAD, KWD, OMR, SGD, GBP, MYR, EUROS ONLY. Interest rate is 3% annually. You are advise to contact us via the below e-mail addresses and your requested loan amount will be granted to you.

    If you are interested in securing a loan with us, you’re advise to get back to us and the Loan Application Form will be send to you as to enable us proceed! Our mission is to assist and render help to people that need financial assistance. All over the world. We issue out both short and long term funding in different categories. Contact E-mails:





    Lin Poh Loan Firm Team.

  • Alwaleed Bin Talal
  • Ken
    We are looking to raise funding for an IT Consulting & Tech Support company. We seeks $ 2 – 3 million, you can email us if you have any question. Contact us at :
  • Dr. Alan Cremer
    Invite discussion with potential strategic partners who are accredited investors (SEC) for start-up computational linguistic (AI) medication knowledge system in 9 languages for health care clinicians. The application performs search, text analysis, categorization, and summarization from any standard health care or non health care database. Prototype application based on $63 M in R&D over past 23 years and Company has exclusive rights to this technology. Application is endorsed by two (2) past presidents and a past Chairman of two (2) major US pharmacy organizations.

    Addiitional information appears at and/or contact Dr. Alan Dowling Ph. D, CEO of IntelliDex Rx at

  • otto gunter
    looking for funding of $30 000 000 to acquire two casinos/hotel in Europe on german/czeck border. email otto at
  • Alyson
    WE are seeking a term loan of $150k-$200k to finance our growth and expansion. Have begun selling to new retailers with 900+ retail outlets; need to finance inventory and working capital
    Please contact
  • andy
    is anyone interested in investing into manufacturing any more?
    i have a niche manufacturing business and an engineering business which needs investment over the public sector cut backs.
  • MaCain Steven

    I am Mr MaCain Steven, I take this site to inform you that I grant loans to individuals with a serious interest rate of 3% over a period of your choice. 5,000 to $ 50,000,000 repayment begins three months after the transfer to your bank account and takes place monthly. The letter must satisfy mere formalities and above must comply with the contract closed. Do not hesitate to contact me by mail for more information if you need. Contact Us at:

  • ethicalgold
    UK and Sierra Leone Company(s) with Gold Export License needs $73,000 Loan over 3 years at 30% per year + 5% shares to start mining and mining services. Full Business plan available.
  • Bertrand Nouvel
    WIDE IO is an innovative B2B marketplace based on cloud-technology. It is focused on multimedia data-analysis. We are SEIS eligible and we are currently raising funds.
  • Hey there, we are looking to open killer quality photographic studio with our advertising services in mind. So. California location on the back of Hollywood in ground-zero of Valencia’s wealthiest and total need of $500k makes this business profitable with anticipated ( comprehensive ) 1000% of ROI in 7 to 10 years. We are looking for one solid partner to make it without hassle so we can stay focused on the business development. If intrested, please contact me via
  • Malek D

    I am Renewable Energy Project Manager, I create my company O&O f.e.s in renewable energy. The development of projects and technologies for hybrid electricity and heat production systems in France, North of Africa and Middle East is the main activity.

    I am looking to find a potential strategic partners …


    + 33 6 50 37 04 85
    skype drif.malek
    LinkedIn :

  • Olegs
    We are looking for 20k Euro to start up the company of handyman service with potential to grow into franchise. Business located in Baltic States. The target is to grow based on customers base, that`s why investments requested are small. For teaser please request at email
  • kareseh brown
    New product idea (novelty)
    Looking for an angel investor,venture capital,private investor,company partner,
    Prototype is ready, marketing research, business plan,people feed back.(done)
    Funding needed for produce the product(production stage).
    We can assure you that you will not leave empty handed.
    We welcome like minded investors.
    Funding needed £2000,00.
    Hope to hear from investors.

    United Kingdom

  • Alexander Kyrgys
    Good day! We need to start a business for the production of coal briquettes for the residents of our region (Republic of Tuva – Russian)! In our region there is no such production, a large amount of coal residues, lack of competition! Amount of investments for opening start-up business: 300 000 USD Hope for further cooperation!
  • We are looking for a 15.000$ investment, in order to get our production started. We are a company who developped and patented a unique technology in order to protect people for electro-magnetic radiation, due to wifi (biological) radiation and cellphone radiation. We have contacted several distributor who are interestd in our 2nd generation product, but we need the cash to make orders. We are a Croatian company with French ties, and are looking for a business angle who would help us with finances and network.

    You can also check our website ( and contact us at “”.

  • Agus, SE
    Dear Sir,

    I Agus, SE from Jakarta – Indonesia.
    Our company is a company start-ups.

    I am currently planning to build Palm Plantation
    Covering an area of 20 thousand hectares with a budget cost
    of USD 164,000,000.00 (One hundred and sixty-four million)
    and the Palm Oil Mill Building to produce palm oil (CPO)

    But in this case my focus looking for a partner JV (investor)
    Whose Interested to invest in the business of Agro Industry.

    We offer ownership shares to investors at
    49% of our stock for this project

    Do you have a potential angel investor relations?


    Agus, SE
    Owner / President Director
    PT. Alifzar Berjaya Indonesia
    The City Tower, 12th Floor Unit 1-N
    Jl. MH. Thamrin No.81, Central Jakarta – Indonesia
    Postal code : 10310
    Tel. +6221 29 222 999 Fax: +6221 29 222 990
    Email :

  • Agus, SE
    Contact me on Email :
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