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We get lots of entrepreneurs asking if we can help them get funding. So, we’ve created this page to allow entrepreneurs to post brief summaries of their proposals.

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  • Ricky
    Seeking Funds For Valuable Low Cost End Australian Indie Film projects

    They are five low end cost films, four are already completed so for the cost of one anyone investing in, would get profit participation and credits for five films.

    For more info, to see proposal and to discuss further email at

  • Drdaisyjohnson
    Client requires $1.5 Million to erect tourism resort Bone Fishing Lodge) in Bahamas. Has real estate of $7 Million. Contact
  • Priit Albri
    My name is Priit Albri and I am the owner/CEO of Albert Group Plc.

    Albert Group looking investments/long-term loan for commercial project.
    Please send your terms to e-mail at

    Priit Albri
    Owner/CEO, Albert Group PLC
    E.; M. +372 535 41 547; LinkedIn profile: Priit Albri

  • Alyasmein
    new project for beneficiation 1.0MT/Y iron ore plant in Egypt to upgrade low iron ore Fe46% to Fe63% ,
    we are specialized in exporting minerals to Indian steel factory
    a sum of 7$million, over a period1.5 years
    the machinery purchase for 8M$,

    E. Khairat

  • Needed: 50,000 GBP deposit for 2 to 3 months in a UK Bank. Your deposit will be under your complete control; I don’t need to use your funds as my business cash flow. I will pay you 10% guaranteed; 5,000 GBP as soon as possible. You can then withdraw your funds (venture capital).

    I am a US Citizen with 15 years experience in many Oracle HCM modules. I am being very actively pursued by a solid UK consulting company who has reached out to me to serve their prominent UK client.

    Your funds need to sit in the UK bank for 2 – 3 months.

    This is a legitimate offer. I will put you in touch with the UK IT Recruitment which has been in business 10 years. They will substantiate my claim.

    Peter Walsh
    Las Vegas, NV USA
    USA Cell 931-206-9738
    Linked In profile:

  • Rich Caproni
    Disruptive solar business model seeking $250K for marketing and sales and accompanying production of first 200-300 systems to establish core distribution network. Company recieved final UL certification for proprietary light-weight, attractive, low-cost panels in Q42011. Business model highly focused on ease of distribution and installation; all-in cost for system significantly less on a per kW basis than current market with key competitive advantage being distribution channels. Will be followed within six months by Series A round to expand sales. Business located in SF bay area. For Exec. Summary and slide deck please contact
  • Jay
    We are after an investor/angel to help promote and advertise our website. The site has been built and is currently generating business. We work within the financial solutions market and offer savings on utilities, insurances, loans, credit, and most succesfully debt management / credit repair.
    Unlike other debt management companies we use legal processes to negotiate with creditors and often write off 50% of debt making monthly payments easier to manage and allowing the public to become debt free much quicker than standard debt management which also typically carries large monthly management fees.
    We are already generating business but need to advertise on a larger scale and purchase data. We also wish to maybe franchise out postcode sectors in the near future and have already had interested people contact us.
    We are not after a large investment, but would benefit from advice and guiadance.
    Please email me for more information
  • Eraybjk
    I am looking for investor partners for the production of irrigation machine named as Center Pivot . Center Pivot is a hot deep galvanized stainless steel made machine which is used to irrigate big agricultural lands . You are able to make irrigation of 100 hectars with a single machine.
    We are a group of people , took responsibilities to manufacture this system before .
    The facility needs 3-5 million USD for startup. This includes 30 machines stock.
    For further information please contact via my email

    The facility is planned to be lacoted in Turkey… The reason for this , to be able to play
    in different markets such as CIS countries , Middle East & Africa.
    Of course this is in possibility to locate facility in an other country.

  • Timothy Ragen
    Looking for a Collaborator or Investor.

    I have developed a proprietary set of indexes, oscillators and methodology for trading futures.

    I am looking to form a joint venture: an organization to handle the initial web site design, initial and ongoing marketing campaign or investor to fund the same.

    Please contact, Skype teragen85 for more information.

  • Abdul Seif

    I am contacting you based on business relationship. We are a UAE based investment company, working on expanding our international portfolio globally and financing projects. We would be happy to receive an NDA if you have any viable project we can finance and partner together by making financial investment in form of debt finance, after which we can negotiate the funding modalities and duration of investment and amount to invest.

    Kindly get back to me if we can work together on email

    Allah Blessings.
    Abdullahi Seif.

  • Abdul Seif
  • Abdul Seif
    Send us your business plan and a signed NDA to this email
  • Abdul Seif
    Send us your business plans and a signed NDA to this email
  • Abdul Seif
    Send us your business plan and a signed NDA to this email
  • Abdul
    Send us your business plan and a signed NDA to this email
  • L Luzzo
    My last position was as CEO of a major ‘A’ list, celebrity, online food magazine, for the last 4 years. I have numerous contacts to the ‘A’ list culinary and media world and am followed by over 11k+ followers on twitter, including some of the biggest and well known corporations, culinary celebrities and media organizations in the world. Seeking investors to re-brand and re-launch as At it’s peak last year, GGM enjoyed 200+ unique visitors per month from over 148 countries around the world. This site has 229 pages of top rated culinary content, celebrity chef interviews, both on video and static, features, wines, celebrity chef recipes and more. GGM broke the top 200k ratings barrier with Alexa,com prior to my removing from ‘live’ web access 1 year ago. This site can easily be back in the top 100k websites in the world with the right backing and sponsorships.
  • Mrfitz31
    LOW HANGING FRUIT!! New technology developed by NASA that was used in the space program. A preservative that preserves urine, blood, serum and plasma at room temperature and is non toxic. We have the interest of the two largest clinical laboratories in the world. Product is near market ready.

    Randall Fitzgerald
    (478) 320-2701

  • Aaticusa
    30% of either $11M or $46M for a shovel ready bio fuel project required. All doc’s available.
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on with an NDA
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on with the business plan and an NDA
  • Khalid
    Email me directly on with an NDA
  • Datdudemoze
    In business everyone calls me Moze. My main priority these days is my roll as COO of Jordan Investment Group.

    This is what we’re looking to invest in and what we’re looking for:

    Natural Energy Projects
    Must be shovel ready.
    Proven Reserve reports for oil, coal, gold, gas, etc.
    PPA in place for renewable. Feasibility studies for project financing.
    Min. 10 Mill. US, 20 Mill.International
    (At a minimum)

    David B.

  • Jan C. de Koning
    I’m intended to get all global major beverage suppliers out of business.

    I deliver concept , a long list of commodities to be used in the product to be designed, potential suppliers are identified .

    We talk about seed to be invested in salaries of approx 5 engineers. There is scientific support and one of the sources of knowledge is on loan from competition.

  • IntelliDex Rx is seeking pre-revenue angel start-up investors for Computational Linguistics and NLP medication drug information knowledge system for pharmacists and clinicians.

    Seeking initial investor(s) for up to $500,000 of total of $4.9M Series A funding needed to bring the product to market and fund operation until profitability and to secure alpha & beta hospital users. We have already a demonstrable prototype.

    Target market is 16,598 health delivery systems and at least 50 largest US group medical practices operating 2,840 facilities. Follow-on market targets include prescribing clinicians in multi-disciplinary group practices, medical education and research institutions, life sciences, biotech, government health care agencies and then allied uses in related health organization, such as insurers – domestically and internationally.

    Potential market in excess of $1B with the U.S. market currently spending in excess of $280M (estimated worldwide at $535M) on legacy drug information sourcing. IntelliDex Rx can reduce the cost of legacy offerings at least 30%-50% and can do this by extracting drug information in 9 languages at 50 pages per second speed. It does this with higher relevancy and precision than competitors by using Advanced Computational Linguistics and NPL (natural language processing) which infers the meaning of text from any standard healthcare or non healthcare database globally.

    The Company has a very experienced CEO who has successfully for the past 20 + years established and run pre-revenue and start-up healthcare IT informatics companies for a big 4 US accounting firm domestically and internationally and other employers. We also have an outstanding advisory board that includes past presidents of major national and state pharmacy associations and a team of technical programming consultants that are experts in their specialized field of programming.

    Additional information is available by contacting

  • Priit Albri
    Albert Group is looking long term loan for commercial project.
    Please send your loan terms.

    Sincerely yours,

    Priit Albri
    Albert Group PLC
    Reg. no: 12103917
    VAT EE10144791
    M. +372 535 41 547
    S. priit.albri
    LinkedIn profile: Priit Albri

  • Rick Dettwyler
    First of its kind! National, online directory: every state, every county, every city/town/village, under one banner. This is not a search engine. This is a directory. This is organized. Every town in America will be included without charge. Listings are without charge and the site will be launched fully populated. This is NeighborhoodUSA. Businesses will pay $300/year to get preferred placement + links to their websites. Community groups and schools will get linked for free. The market is 30MM businesses. Two and a half percent penetration (according to Gartner, these are the ones looking for new opportunities to get or maintain an edge over their competition) of recurring income is … not a bad way to start.

  • Ed Bernardino
    I am looking for investment partners/funding for mid to high end Southern California Real Estate to fix & flip, fix & hold, or to purchase and then wholesale. Please contact me for further details and prospectus:
  • Luke
    Looking to raise £150k through the governments SEIS (Rest of movie funded with a US pre-sale) through HNW and Sophisticated Investors from UK.

    Action thriller Film to be shot in LA. High profile Director and Cast attached. LA Producer attached who has pre-sold US Distribution rights to fund majority of the budget.

    Contact info:

  • Andrews
    What about project funding in Russia and in Estonia? Please let me know via email
  • Sounds good, please send me an executive summary a third party reserve report on all the projects. Or an Independent Certified Geologists report with an exact amount needed so I can have my group review it.



  • Please send business plan. Thanks
  • Fabrizio Boer
    $2,5M for a Space Tourism Venture. All doc available. Contact:
  • Verno
    Seeking an angel or a consortium to raise 150K GBP.
    We are a company developing a suite of applications targeting the real estate and leisure sector.
    We are going to commence the Beta testing for a vacational rental site (owned to a client) by end of April.
    Required cash is to acquire infrastructure and operate as an ASP.
    Contact using for more details…
  • luis santillan
    I’m participating in the development of a warehouse complex, including semi-industrial warehouses, offices, cold rooms and a container storage yard for up to 1.200 units.
    The project has a 100% of the land, located right on the most important routes of transit goods destined for import and export. Approximately 75% of goods are passing through this route, the same continues to the port of Guayaquil.
    We are looking for a person or group able to invest 30% of the project cost (about $2,5M). We offer excellent profits, return of the capital and profits in two years or less and five years for foreign capital free of taxes.
    If you are interest please send a private message to coordinate deliver of a business plan or set a time for a video conference to speak more details. Best regards


  • BLCW
    Seeking Angel and Mentor for a U.S. based Consumer Goods product
    In final negotiations to be carried by major department store in 15 locations.
    Low Cost, Point-of-sale product ($2.99 retail price)
    Founder and Operator is experienced marketer and former military officer with fiscal discipline and experience in planning. Project is 85% completed (trademarks, filings, product design, samples, etc.) – seeking initial $15-30,000 to cover phase 2.
    For more information please inquire:
  • Ragusacapitalplc
  • Jese
    This is to crave your indulgence that We fund Business and individuals to meet all types of Cash Flow Needs. We handle Residential , Business , Commercial Loans , Hard Money Loans, Bridge , Mortgages , Construction Loans ,International Loans, Loan Guarantee Programs , Commercial Debt Management , Unsecured Business & Personal Loans, Venture Capital,Project funding &Many more…….
  • Seeking Funds For Valuable Low Cost End Australian Indie Film projects WITH BIG RETURN POTENTIAL!!

    They are five low end cost films, four are already completed so for the cost of one anyone investing in, would get profit participation and credits for five films as well as have the choice of a stake in the whole film company with current and all films to come.

    The filmmakers have a very smart and strategically unique formula to get ROI and profits on top so the potential is huge.

    They are offering you a chance to be a part of filmmaking history – You can make a low risk investment for a great return over the next five years!

    They are offering you a chance to be a part of filmmaking history – You can make a low risk investment into the company, designed for production of several key films, and then to gain a higher return share of the company almost immediately. Read on for more details – they are asking you for a financial backing amount from $ 20,000.00, to $5000,000.00 split instalments over three years $250,000.00 – up to $5,000,000.00 split into instalments over three years – $250,000,000 each of their next two feature film productions for your return of 35% unit profit share on each film once released and sold into the market.

    They are also going to include an immediate stake of 30% in our already completed four feature films which will begin a promotion campaign to sell them into the market within 12mths. This return and expected influx will be divided accordingly as per agreements designed to meet your expectations.

    Alternatively, you have the option to invest on a film by film basis. They wish to build good long term relationships with all who are interested in our productions, so we can offer a minimal investment per film for a return on each films success. Investment per film start at $20,000AUD for a 3% share (only 15 options available) of the film invested in. This way you will be able to comfortably and confidently see the process of each film and then later in the future decide to invest more into the company and all its productions!

    Some film investors are lucky to only invest in one film and have one shot at a successful return…They are giving 8 chances to succeed…just as you give them a shot in the same!
    They’d be happy to get funds as they go with expenses.

    They have already done with what the limited resources they’ve had which was very small so showing what they have done with almost nothing, can surely show what they can do with a bit more finance.

    They’re master of making low budget films look more than they cost…which is why with a small amount of help, they can make more films and money more effectively.

    The future as the economy rocks unsteady, a low cost high value looking film can return 200% more easily than a high cost, high end value film any day!!

    They seek their film for straight to TV and then DVD.

    For more info, to see proposal and to discuss further email Ricky Valladares at or

  • Seeking From $500k to $5 Million Full Private Funding For Innovative Australia Made Product Plus Whole Company!!

    Seeking From $500k to $5 Million private funding from investors entrepreneurs looking for biz opportunities, for Innovative Australia Made Product which relates to improvements and incorporation of sweat band, therapeutic wrist support and hand grip control.

    This product is to provide injured or non injured sports people and tradesman with an external: sweat band, internal: wrist support and grip control for gripping any devices placed in their hands.

    We are offering 50/50% equity/partnership in this biz opportunity venture that this product provides plus the entire company with more products as well as the film production part of it.
    For an investor entrepreneur, it would be a partnership to buy into this already set up base Australian company, generate sales and look to expand into Asia based in Hong Kong and the rest of the world eventually. There are already good dealings with Hong Kong trade and Taiwan trade to help expand in the regions.

    The product biz opportunity is commercial ready, has a web site, contacts, business plan, packaging, slogan and trade marks. It has the manufacture to make the products be MOQ is 1500 @ around $10 a pair.

  • Basel Kawouk
    Established company looking for $5-$10 million for a project entailing liquidation of charged-off receivables. This is a joint venture project that can yield upwards of 60% ROI back to the investor in 12-18 months. If interested, please contact me directly at


  • Hello,
    We is looking for funding. We are looking for a working partner with investment capacity of Rs.25 lacs.
  • Hansen Innovation
    Hansen Innovation is seeking seed funding of $180,000. The company is nearing completion of a robotic product. A patent pending, high-return business to business offering with large market potential. Details and financial projections are available in the business plan, contact us on our website,, if you would like to review it.
  • Tim Murray
    Seek funding for new internet based, participative film making venture. We seek $25 million which will give us the best opportunity to succeed. This amount includes $5 million for front end ‘shock and awe’ marketing, $3 million per films with 3D viewing capability for future markets, and 1 film per month to keep our website perpetually exciting. We can scale back on these elements for $15 or $8.5 million funding. Or $5 million initially with a prerevenue stock offering in 4 months – exciting concept, transparent operation, members buy stock, and ability to cover investment if venture fails. Venture is internet based and can heaquarter anywhere, our choice is Austin, Texas. We seek film investors who look forward instead of falling back on ‘star based’ investing.
  • Jrohner55
    Mr. Murray, We have the most aggressive funding dept you will find that bends over backwards to provide the best for all our clients. Please contact me at my name is James and I will be looking for a response from you depending on how serious you are.

    James Rohner

  • Jrohner55
    The email listed came back if you are still looking for funding contact me at and I will respond.
  • john

    I am John Garett, founder of Rx HealthAdvantage. Rx HA is a market proven patient loyalty and medication adherence program that I have developed (US Patent # 7,677,601 on components). I am interested in opening dialogue to grow this expansion plan. It represents two streams of revenue with former clients such Merck, BMS, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, etc.
    Please contact me at 516.467.4822 or 917.657.4442 mobile. Best, John

  • Dan Jackman
    I’m the owner of Heatlay Ltd. A manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating mats. I’ve developed a unique mat making method. The computer program I developed offers multiple design options for both standard and custom mats and accurately predicts wire usage as well as other key design characteristics. The design method is flexible, it does not require much labour input, is relatively low tech and with minimal equipment cost. Margins are good even at NA labour market prices. The design is manufacturing friendly and the longer term upside is that there is a tremendous potential for uncomplicated automation. Floor heating is a multi-million market. This is Heatlay’s 3rd year on the market in NA, I’m looking for funding to bring in an experienced sales/mgmt team to achieve the growth potential of the company. Amounts can be detailed off line.
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