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We get lots of entrepreneurs asking if we can help them get funding. So, we’ve created this page to allow entrepreneurs to post brief summaries of their proposals.

Please use the comments below to add a briefdescription of your proposal and note that this is a moderated forum, so your post may not appear immediately and won’t appear at all if it looks spammy or full of links / repetition.

It goes without saying that anyone reading this page should do so at their own risk and that we do not authorise or recommend or in anyway endorse the comments below. for any actions you take as a result of anything on this page, then you should leave this website immediately and never come back! :-)responsibilityIf you do not agree to take 100% personal

  • deepak
    Thank you so much Mr Robert.. how many people are there in this fraud scam which you people are doing??
  • deepak
    Capital Hills Finance group is it’s completely fake.

    Dont get tugged..

    Once we give all our project details, they come and say our project is approved, some common basic agreement will be sent which should be signed from both the party’s end. When the signature of there party comes, the sign is copied from some where else and pasted it on the agreement, which can be realised easily.
    When asked any of there company document, they never provide. They just say open an account as ur project is approved and within 24hrs Amt will be credited..
    When we contacted the bank there, the bank clearly told there is no company designated and etc.
    Then we contacted the same company back and spoke to so called Mr Chrishtoper bally, as they were the people who insisted us to open a account, then they reverted that they will inform the bank rep to contact us.
    The email ID they provide is and say this is HSBC bank. This bank does not hv this id at all.
    Next we get a mail saying open an account directly sitting any where, and gave us a link.. to open an account. To open an account u hv to deposit amount €475 .

    Any which way anyone want to get trapped u can go ahead. We hv given this info to bank already.

    Where does not work rest all work. And in this website u can easily make out its a fake bank website.

    The funders/investor claim themselves as capital hills finance group.
    This company is already dissolved in 2004.
    We hv reported it to our local cyber police.

    When all this I posted in the social network from where I got there link, multiple people privately pinged me and told how they were about to get tugged. and etc.

  • Xavier Michon
    Welcome to The United Nations Capital Development Fund (

    The UNCDF is a Venture Capital Firm specializing in Growth Capital Investments/Loans.It seeks to invest in Projects with Public and Private sectors in a broad range of areas including Real estate, Energy, Oil and Gas,emerging markets, high-technology and others. Within the technology sector, the firm focuses on communications, software and digital content and services.

    We wish to invest in any viable projects that your company requires funding on investment capacity/Loan Application, On review of your company’s Project Business Plan we shall determine on the projects possible funding. This will be a silent and Private Placement Investment.

    Endeavor to respond promptly if the investment proposal meets your company’s Approval.

    Kind Regards,
    Mr. Xavier Michon
    Deputy Executive Secretary

  • Mr. Federigo Ottaviano
    We working for a private investment banking company that offers financial consulting to client companies seeking debt/loan financing. Only serious/interested parties should contact us for more information. email:
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