Angel Investors

22 business angels you need to know about 

At iBusinessAngel we have spoken plenty about the virtues of investors, and how to select the angel that’s right for you.

But if you don’t know anybody you can approach, where do you begin? Here’s part one of our list of the top 21 business angels operating around the world today.

We’ve given you a bit about who they are and what sort of projects they favour, so you’ll know where to start.

Due to our own interests, knowledge and focus, this is a predominately UK and USA based list, but many of these angels travel the world looking for best investments. However, if you feel we have missed a key business angel from your part of the world, please add a comment at the end of this list.


Dave Berkus

Sector: Technology

Location: California, USA

The founder of ‘Berkonomics’, on which he’s authored a number of books, Dave Berkus is an early-stage investor through his company, Berkus Technology Ventures. He deals largely with entertainment, software and internet-related businesses. He has more than 80 successful angel investments under his belt, with an investment return of 97%. He’s also a much sought-after speaker, a consultant and likes to get hands-on with his investments.


Simon and Michael Blakely

Sector: Business-to-business

Location: London, UK

The London-based brothers focus on UK-based businesses worth under £5m with established management teams in place. They have between £100,000 and £250,000 to invest in each venture and have a strong track record in business-to-business sectors. Simon is a biochemist with business consulting background whilst Michael developed the Sainsbury’s home delivery network and had been investing in projects before going full-time in 2002.


Martin Bowles

Sector: Various

Location: Glastonbury, UK

Martin is the managing director of Horatio Investments, which has between £30,000 and £800,000 to invest in individual first-stage businesses. In addition to finances, Horatio provides advice, mentoring and expertise and is open to building long-term relationship of more than ten years when required.


Ron Conway

Sector: Digital

Location: California, USA

Silicon Valley-based Ron is an investor with an eye for potential. He founded Angel Investor LP, which backed Google and PayPal and has been investing independently since 2005, getting involved with success stories such as Facebook, Napster and


Sherry Coutu

Sector: Consumer, clean energy

Location: Cambridge and London, UK

Sherry is an early-stage investor who has raised more than £150m in venture capital and public equity in more than ten years of investing. She was a backer of LoveFilm, which was recently purchased by Amazon, and she sits on various boards across a range of industries. She is a regular fixture on the public speaking circuit and is a a judge on the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.


Peter Cowley

Sector: Technology

Location: Cambridge, UK

Peter is a Cambridge-based mentor and angel investor through Martlet, the investment division of the Marshall of Cambridge group. Martlet provides small sums of capital, between £10,000 and £100,000 for early-stage technology start-ups located in the UK. Peter is also part of the Cambridge Angels and has more than 15 companies in his own investment portfolio.


Stefan Glaenzer

Sector: Digital

Location: London, UK

Stefan is a German investor working out of London, where his White Bear Yard acts as an incubator for many of the start-up projects he backs. The 20,000 sq ft offices attract some of Europe’s most exciting talent. A DJ for more than 15 years, he has a particular soft spot for music and was chairman of for three years as it grew to 40 million users.

Read a 10 minute interview with Stefan Glaenzer

Nelson Gray

Sector:  Various

Location: Roslin, Scotland

Nelson is an entrepreneur who sold his own business and has since become a hands-on angel investor with more than 20 success stories to his name since 1996. Several of these have floated on the stock exchange and achieved seven-figure turnover figures. He also mentors businesses on a international scale, from Chile to the USA, Sweden to Latvia and beyond.


Peter Hackett

Sector: Various

Location: Liverpool, UK

Serial entrepreneur Peter Hackett established Hackett Equity Solutions to back businesses with revenues up to £75m. He combines a network of high net worth individuals with his 25 years in industry to get hands-on and establish start-ups, grow businesses and develop exit strategies.


Richard Hargreaves

Sector: Young technological companies

Location: London, UK

Dr Richard Hargreaves started in the venture capital world with 3i before leaving to start Baronsmead plc which he developed over 13 years before selling in 1995. Richard later became chairman of the BVCA (British Venture Capital Association) and in 2004 co-founded Endeavour Ventures Ltd, which invests in young technological companies for its 250+ client base of high net worth individuals.

Read a review of Richard’s book – How to become a business angel.

Reid Hoffman

Sector: Various

Location: USA, India, Israel

Reid Hoffman runs a $20m Discovery Fund, which is part of Greylock Partners. Greylock dates back to 1965 and was one of the earliest players in the business angel market. Today the company has around $2bn to invest and has offices on both coasts of the United States, India and Israel. Reid was one of the first backers of Facebook and co-founded LinkedIn.


Magic Johnson

Sector: Technology

Location: Detroit, USA

The Hall of Fame basketball star may have made his name plying his trade in Los Angeles, but he’s originally from Michigan, and he’s putting something back through Detroit Venture Partners. The venture capitalists have ploughed millions into a variety of mobile apps, cloud computing companies and social networking sites in what it calls the Detroit 2.0 movement.


Joshua Kushner

Sector: Media

Location: New York, USA

Joshua may yet be several years off his 30th birthday, but his Thrive Capital has around $100m of investment power. As well as tech start-ups in New York, he’s known for his links to Latin America where Vostu, a social gaming company he founded in 2007, had major success. He is close allies with Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, and Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, and has invested in around 30 new businesses since Thrive launched in 2009.


Ashton Kutcher

Sector: Digital

Location: California, USA

One of the most prolific social media users, the Hollywood superstar is using the wealth he’s earned from a number of blockbuster movies and TV shows to invest in tech start-ups. He’s been involved with Skype, Foursquare and Flipboard and has a habit of plugging his favourite projects when he’s on screen.  Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and even MC Hammer all have a number of investment projects in their portfolios, too.


Rajat Malhotra

Sector: Various

Location: London, UK

Rajat uses his background as an antitrust solicitor to bring expertise in competition and markets to his relatively new venture, Wren Capital. The Cambridge graduate says he’s particularly interested in ideas ‘which make the world a better place’ and enjoys the thrill of nurturing businesses to success.


Dave McClure

Sector: Technology

Location: Global

500 Startups provides early-stage companies with up to $250K in funding, mentoring services and access to events that bring talent, ideas and investors together. It was founded by Dave McClure, who has previously started and sold a number of companies and now dedicates his time to nurturing young businesses. His portfolio spans the globe in a variety of markets, and boasts more than 300 companies, around a fifth of which reside in the 500 Startups incubator unit in California.


Dale Murray

Sector: Various

Location: London, UK

Dale was named British Angel Investor of the Year 2011 after leaving the mobile telecoms sector to become a full-time investor. Her roles include sitting on the board of Incito Ventures, a female-positive investor network. Her own investments range between £50,000 and £250,000 per project.


Bill Payne

Sector: Engineering

Location: California, USA

Bill is an entrepreneur who sold his engineering business to DuPont in the early 1980s. He’s since been involved in a number of angel investment programmes, which currently include the Aztec Venture Network in San Diego, Tech Coast Angels in LA, Santa Barbara and beyond, Vegas Valley Angels in Nevada and the Frontier Angel Fund in Montana. He has personally invested in 50 companies and mentored more than 100.


Keith Rabois

Sector: Digital

Location: California, USA

Keith’s a specialist n transforming early-stage startups into successful businesses and is noted for his expertise in the financial services industry and government affairs. He’s got a lot of projects going on, advising Google, holding executive roles at PayPal and LinkedIn and overseeing a blossoming investment portfolio which includes YouTube and EventBrite.


Chris Sacca

Sector: Technology

Location: California, USA

Chris Sacca used to make deals at Google, giving him great new business development experience. Now he’s moved into the angel investor market and he’s got a great track record, including household names such as Twitter. His portfolio currently consists of more than 50 consumer web and technology start-ups through his holding company, Lowercase Capital. Chris has also been named ‘possibly the most influential man in America’ by the Wall Street Journal and was the youngest person to ever make the Forbes Midas List.


Ami Shpiro

Sector: Various

Location: London, UK

Ami founded the Innovation Warehouse which provides entrepreneurs with start-up assistance, mentoring and investment. The IW works out of 10,000sq ft offices in the UK capital, with fully-serviced desks and professional services available to members, and access to universities and research bodies as part of the package. Through sister company IW Grow, the service offers access to seedfunding.


Peter Thiel

Sector: Digital

Location: California, USA

Peter is one of the most respected business minds in America. When a number of investors in Silicon Valley were nicknamed ‘The PayPal Mafia’, he was elected as the Don. In 2005, he created the Founders Fund alongside Sean Parker, Ken Howrey and Luke Nosek which has ploughed millions into some of the most exciting start-ups in America. He continues to share his best-practice advice for young businesses by teaching at Stanford University.

  • Scott Dunkel

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  • Scott Dunkel

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  • Eraybjk

    I am looking for investor partners for the production of irrigation machine named as Center Pivot . Center Pivot is a hot deep galvanized stainless steel made machine which is used to irrigate big agricultural lands .
    The facility needs 3-5 million USD for startup. This includes 30 machines stock.
    For further information please contact via my email

  • Cristinasozzi

    Good morning, I am looking for partners/investors in development project for hotel, turistic residence in Florence and Tuscany. We are a Managment Company (Rinascimento Asset Management) and we are looking for investors in their development project. If you love Tuscany and Florence this your opoortunity to live an exciting experience. We dont need a big found

  • IntelliDex Rx is seeking pre-revenue angel start-up investors for Computational Linguistics and NLP medication drug information knowledge system for pharmacists and clinicians.

    Seeking initial investor(s) for up to $500,000 of total of $4.9M Series A funding needed to bring the product to market and fund operation until profitability and to secure alpha & beta hospital users. We have already a demonstrable prototype.

    Target market is 16,598 health delivery systems and at least 50 largest US group medical practices operating 2,840 facilities. Follow-on market targets include prescribing clinicians in multi-disciplinary group practices, medical education and research institutions, life sciences, biotech, government health care agencies and then allied uses in related health organization, such as insurers – domestically and internationally.

    Potential market in excess of $1B with the U.S. market currently spending in excess of $280M (estimated worldwide at $535M) on legacy drug information sourcing. IntelliDex Rx can reduce the cost of legacy offerings at least 30%-50% and can do this by extracting drug information in 9 languages at 50 pages per second speed. It does this with higher relevancy and precision than competitors by using Advanced Computational Linguistics and NPL (natural language processing) which infers the meaning of text from any standard healthcare or non healthcare database globally.

    The Company has a very experienced CEO who has successfully for the past 20 + years established and run pre-revenue and start-up healthcare IT informatics companies for a big 4 US accounting firm domestically and internationally and other employers. We also have an outstanding advisory board that includes past presidents of major national and state pharmacy associations and a team of technical programming consultants that are experts in their specialized field of programming.

    Additional information is available by contacting

  • Sachin

    Seeking tech startups in London.
    Zero Start Ventures’ objective is to invest into budding entrepreneurs, fund their ideas / product / concept and take it into the marketplace.
    As our company name suggests, our goal is to invest at ‘seed’ or ‘first round’ level – but we have an open mind. We will also consider co-investing with others. Funding is already in place.
    Sachin (

  • I’m looking for investor(s) for an original social network start up concept created by ex NFL player Damien Robinson. The project also has coach Tony Dungy attached to it. Anyone want more detailed info feel free to contact me

  • Riccardo Vannozzi

    Hello, my name is Riccardo and I have an engineering study. I work for several years of project management. I developed software and would like to find an angel to bring it to a more evolved level. know someone who wants to invest in this sector?

  • Catherine

    Hi there,
    I am French in Beijing , looking for an Angel investor to develop my Hair and beauty salon in China , already have one running ,looking to open the second one and developed the brand .I have create a French brand with a concept tailor made for china development. investment is not to important with a good return . buisness is already running so risk are minimize .
    hope I can get some interest .

  • Sachin

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  • luis santillan

    I’m participating in the development of a warehouse complex, including semi-industrial warehouses, offices, cold rooms and a container storage yard for up to 1.200 units.
    The project has a 100% of the land, located right on the most important routes of transit goods destined for import and export. Approximately 75% of goods are passing through this route, the same continues to the port of Guayaquil.
    We are looking for a person or group able to invest 30% of the project cost (about $2,5M). We offer excellent profits, return of the capital and profits in two years or less and five years for foreign capital free of taxes.
    If you are interest please send a private message to coordinate deliver of a business plan or set a time for a video conference to speak more details. Best regards


  • Schuner Marc


    I am a private investor and money lender seeking for a profitable business to invest in.

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  • Bigdaddy75423125

    I am starting a truck driving school. can you help?

  • Mariana

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  • Hasu.

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  • B&P

    Beer & Partners are a Business Angel network – we’ve been around for 21 years, have an impressive track record for investors and entrepreneurs – visit us on

  • John Ince

    Looking for £25k GBP (or part of) angel investment and an active business partner(s) to bring our products to market. We have already developed the website and software. We now need business prowess to take it to market.

    We currently have two active projects, CashClamber and DoshDash 3D, which are both ‘in-vogue’ social gaming websites. Both have huge potential income streams – we have the figures in our interactive spreadsheet.

    We are a small team of software developers (2 x software engineers ex-IBM) working at the leading edge of development technology. For the past year we have been funding our unique start-up from our own resources running pretty much in stealth mode. To move our idea to the next stage we will need to raise some additional capital to bring our product to market and grow our team.

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  • neil_lewis

    Do we have all the world’s best business angels in this list? Almost certainly not – clearly this is a heavily weighted to Anglo-Saxon investors. So, do you know of business angels in India, China, continental Europe that we should include? Please feel free to add their names and a brief description below…

  • Juan Jose Gonzalez Triguero

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    el caso de los productos agrícolas tales como:
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    ● Anacardos

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    ● Café Verde

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  • Melissa

    Hello – this is a little random but I’m a singer songwriter trying to raise funds for a charity called Small Steps Project ( I’ve started something called Gig in a Gallery which seems me put on pop-up gigs (along with other artists) in art/photography galleries. In order to give as much of the money raised from ticket sales to the charity, I need to cover the cost of expenses (printing, publicity and promo, travel) via some other means and I’m trying to find a kind investor.
    The mid-to-longer-term aim is to put on a bigger multi-artist event involving emerging and well established acts. This would happen in a recording studio with just a small number of attendees (tickets go to highest bidders).
    If you might be interested in helping out, or might know of someone who would like to, please would you get in touch.
    My music can be heard via my site:
    Thank you 🙂

  • 1sthouseresources

    We represent a Tanzanian company that exclusively owns 11 Gold Mining licenses in North Mara.

    Based on technical documents drawn from survey reports (two recent from two surveyors and historical records of mining undertaken by the colonialists in 1920s, 1930s, 1940s etc the area covered by the licenses have the potential to generate at least 1 (one) million ounces of gold plus some deposits of diamond and iron ore.

    Additional survey is warranted for the purposes of generating an actual picture of the full potential of gold and mineral deposits that can be extracted from the subject area.

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