Business Angel World Democratises as crowdfunding site Indiegogo goes for Europe (and Canada)

Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform, are expanding their offering for Europeans by allowing funds to be collected in Pounds Sterling and Euros as well as allowing entrepreneurs to collect funds in Canadian Dollars – spreading the startup world a little more evenly.

Also, in addition to the localised German language site, the San Francisco company has promised to make the site available in French and German as well as provided localised sites for UK, French, German and Canadian users.

This move follows the ‘launch’ of Kickstarter in the UK and highlights the increasing importance of tech starts and creative projects outside of the traditional Silicon Valley, Alley, Roundabout etc… concentration.

Clearly, the crowdfunding websites believe that in order to become major players, they will need to be able to source early stage startups from all parts of the globe.

In fact, Indiegogo claim that 30% of all projects have come from outside of the USA – no doubt these new developments will proportion of indiegogo’s business further.

To some extent, then, crowdfunding can be thought of as democratising the business angel and startup world.

Of course, as startups grow and succeed, they we may yet see a migration to the major centres – San Francisco, New York, London and now perhaps Berlin – but clearly, location will no longer be a valid excuse for lacking access to funds in the initial stages.

Hence, the reason for startups moving to the established centres of innovation will be more to do with talent and environment and follow on money rather than the traditional reason of coming begging for startup funds.

A further sign of this shift is Indiegogo’s plan to set up a UK subsiduary sometime in 2013.


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