iBusinessAngel survey – skint, scared, solo or secretive?

What is the state of today’s business angel?

Are business angels active or are they skint? Have they invested too much and are waiting for the VC industry to wake up and buy their stakes?

Do business angels like to act alone or are they hunting in packs?

Lastly, are they becoming more secretive or less?

Take our survey and tell us what you think. Results will be published at the end of May.

I am...

In my experience of the past 12 months, business angels are

Will the environment for startups raising funds improve in 2012 or get worse?

Do Business Angels...

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  • Bill
    In our experience angels are now at their most active now when compared against the last 5 years.
    We see over 400 of them a DAY come to angelsden.com and this increases week on week.

    That’s the good news.

    They are however being even more picky when it comes to investing, which leads us to reject an increasing amount of the 140 businesses that apply to join every day.

    If you can explain what you do simply, you have proven your business model and have protected your unfair advantage in some way, then angels will LOVE you.

  • neil_lewis
    Hi Bill – I agree – they are more picky than before – and the ‘idea’ must be protectable.

    Equally, a strong idea – which is protectable – is a lot easier to talk about without NDAs – which opens up the potential market – which is another benefit of a sound business proposal.


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