Why does Number 10 love Business Angels?

Every business angel worth his (or her) salt attending the recent meeting hosted by David Cameron at No 10 Downing Street.

So why does government care so much about this niche funding sector?

I guess we will find out on the 23rd of March when George Osborn and the UK government announes its budget – but there are a few things that the government cares about – and are turning to business angels for an answer…

Firstly, the UK needs a new growth story – and dispite various attempts to get the big banks to lend to UK small and medium business, many targets have been missed and the UK is hardly growing economically.

Secondly, the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme is about to come into force – as of 6th April 2012 and the UK government wants this to not only be a publicity success but also to be able to demonstrate a new hope for the UK economy.

We know that politicians have been in love with bearded entrepreneurs for a while – and the UK has some of the best; Alan Sugar and Richard Branson; but, what is new, is that politicians are recognising the value (or potential value) of the business angel too.

Bring it on!

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