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We’re creating a list of crowdfunding sources – and we expect many more to arrive in the next few weeks. If you know of a crowdfunding website not on our list, why not add yours below…

We’ve recently updated this list to split – equity crowdfunding from donation crowdfunding with an additional section on peer to peer lending.


  1. Equity Crowdfunding sites
  2. Donation Crowdfunding and Crowd Selling sites
  3. Peer to peer lending


Last updated Oct 2013

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is true business angel investing where the investor offers cash in return for equity.


The UK market has been open since 2011 with Crowdcube as the world’s first equity funder. – AngelsDen now offers equity crowdfunding along with its more traditional pitch & meet events.
–  read an interview with Angels Den founder Bill Morrow – beta launched in July 2012 – the original equity crowdfunding website
– read an interview with Crowdcube founder Darren Westlake – launched Jan 2013 – both a funding and a post-funding investment management service
– read a discussion with Seedrs founder Jeff Lynn – is a hybrid internet based crowdfunding / business angel network solution
– read an interview with founder Syndicate Room founder Goncalo de Vasconcelos




Australian Small Scale Offers Board – founded in 2007, this site has been a pioneer in equity crowdfunding or crowd investing. This site will offer sale of equity for upto Aus$5m or £3.3m.  Todate, the ASSOB has raised Aus$132m or around £100m.




In beta:


Not currently legal – but the following beta projects

Donation Crowdfunding

Donation crowdfunding is not truly an investment – accept that in some cases, the  project owner will offer a product in return for a small donation – so a watch for $99 or a pair of gloves for $20.00


Pozible – creative and ideas crowdfunding site

France – crowdfunding for startups, based in Paris, site operates in French.

Fondatio – French only crowdfunding website– european crowdfunding site operating in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian with Portuguese


Starteed – crowdfunding not for profit and business


Injoinet – creative and startup crowdfunding

Lanzanos – creative projects (Spanish only)

Verkami – crowdfunding for artists

UK – Crowdfunding

Abundance Generation – crowdfunding for energy projects

Crowdfunder – charity and good works

PleaseFundUS – creative crowdfunding site

Sponsume – creative crowdfunding

WeFund – creative project crowdfunding

USA – not for profit projects and charities (USA and Canada)

Go Get Funding – half fund raising site, half funding for creative projects

Kickstarter – creative crowdfunded projects

IndieGoGo – creative (mainly) crowdfunding projects

Rocket Hub – charity and good / creative works

Peerbackers – creative crowdfunding

Profounder – startup crowdfunding

Prosper – crowd lending in dollars

Quirky – crowdfunding for inventors

Peer to Peer lending


Funding Circle – the UKs largest peer to peer lender; more about ‘crowd lending’ than ‘crowdfunding’ but with clear commercial focus

Rebuilding Society – Peer to peer lending between businesses

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  • Hey, I’d love for our site to get added to this list 🙂

    It’s Go Get Funding ( and fundraisers can raise money for absolutely anything they want.

    We’re global although the currency we use is USD so we’re probably best suited in the USA category.

    Thanks for creating this list!


  • Neil Lewis

    Sure – I’ll add you right now.


  • Gabrielle


    We are a new French based crowdfunding platform, and would love to be added to your list.
    Anaxago gathers innovative companies looking for funds and private investors who want to actively participate in their investments.

    Thank you!

  • neil_lewis

    Hi Gabrielle – sure – we’ve added Anaxago to our list of #crowfunding websites

  • What about in the UK ? It is the only crowdfunder that’s FSA approved.

  • neil_lewis

    Hi Rod – yes, thank you – now added.

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  • karl

    Hi a very useful list – thanks! Can i flag us up as well ….. we are a renewable energy community financing platform, we are also FSA regulated like Seedrs …

  • is a UK-based peer-to-business crowdfunding platform

  • neil_lewis

    Thanks Karl – yes, we’ll add this to the list

  • neil_lewis

    Hi Rebuilding Society – thanks – we’ll start a new section on Peer to Peer lending on ibusinessangel – and add you in there. Br Neil

  • Sorrel

    Hi, please add Ulule the premier crowdfunding platform in Europe, based in Paris

  • neil_lewis

    Thanks Sorrel – added

  • Crowdcube isn’t just for start ups – it’s for established businesses too

  • JeanMaxime


    We are a new crowdfunding platform in France named FONDATIO about to be launch.
    Crowdfunding for both startups and projects. Site operates in French.


  • neil_lewis

    Thanks Jerry – we’ve amended the crowdcube entry – do you have examples of established businesses you’ve funded?

  • neil_lewis

    Hi JeanMaxime – we’ve added Fondatio to the crowdfunding list above

  • JeanMaxime

    thanks. I appreciated

  • Avi Geller we are a site for charities and non profits in the US and Canada

  • neil_lewis

    Hi Avi – thanks – we’ve added Click 2 Cause.

  • Howard Orloff offers crowdfunded IPOs in the US.

  • neil_lewis

    Hi Howard – I had a look at this – and this doesn’t look like an equity crowdfunding platform? Can you explain what you mean by “First Equity Crowdfunded IPO”

  • Philip55

    Please add to the U.S. based Equity Crowdfunding list. The website is an aggregation of Equity Crowdfunding news (automatically updating) pulled from sources such as: LinkedIn Groups, Google News, various RSS feeds, iCurrent, etc etc

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  • Tom S.

    There is also the new Canadian Microlending platform (donation and loans) .I have been watching their progress, they seem really really creative 🙂 .The next big thing. And you completely forgot and zopa (or Zopai…?) in the UK …
    And, which is the first in its field…

  • Sultana Barija Equity crowdfunding platform based in USA and Ukraine

  • Sandra Coelho

    I found a new crowdfunding platform specialized in Technology and Science Projects:
    Besides the possibility of getting the projects funded, the project creator can get worldwide exposure for the project idea.
    Could become very interesting for the funding of our Tech/Science ideas. What do you think about it?

  • disqus_9gg7pn9bkt

    New all Spanish Crowdfunding Platform in the U.S. and Latin America All creative projects and social causes.

  • Hello, I would like to also mention Thrinacia with possibility of being added to the list. Thrinacia allows you to run your own crowdfunding platform or just a personal crowdfunding website. Thrinacia is a turn-key white label software solution which can be launched within minutes. You can then as well customize your crowdfunding website as needed. You can learn more about Thrinacia below;

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