Super Business Angels, Investment Proposal Joke and Startup Business Plan – round up

Some great stories and ideas from this month on the topic of angel investing

Some secrets on Super-angel investing. Click here to read.

Fabrice Grinda discusses his strategy – a few percentgage points in a large number of deals, with very little time spent on picking winners.

He also recommends that there is no formal reporting structure, but, when needed will respond to the entrepreneur.

Fabrice, with his partner, Jose, invest between $10 – $250k, but are always a small part of the overall investment. So far, they have made 23 investments in 2011.

A great micky take of jargon congested investment proposals. Click to watch it here.

The video raises a key point – do investors really want this jargon? Actually, according to some, they do. They just want it to be true!

Well, okay. What they are saying is that you do have to hit the hot buttons for VCs and business angels – so, speaking their language counts. Just make sure that what you say can be backed with facts and examples.

What should be in a startup business plan? Click to read.

Nic Brisbourne is runnig a series of 50 Questions for Enterpreneurs looking to raise finance.

This one is particularly useful, not least, because so much startup time is often spent on a plan that no one reads (or perhaps they do?). Hence, working out both the purpose and level of detail required is essential.

For instance, if a business spent as much time developing its market, it might find that the business plan would write itself!

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