Renting office space for growth businessess – the options

Whether you’ve already got a business up and running or are planning on starting one up in the near future, then office space is always an issue that you’ll need to deal with.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have free premises courtesy of your business angel, then it’s often a case of
spending long hours trawling around potential properties looking for the right location and space to occupy.

The main office space locations in the UK for renting are office space in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

However if you are looking for a really cost effective office space and are not fussed about or would prefer not to be in one of the big cities then there are some great options throughout the UK.

The internet search

Thankfully the internet makes the chore of searching for space much easier – you can now look for vacant office space to rent using a comparison website such as This works in much the same way as you’d look for a broadband deal or mobile phone package.

Regardless of whether you are a new or existing business, there are significant benefits in checking that you are in the most cost effective location. Using a quick online comparison service, it’s now easier to find more competitively priced office space for rent in your current or an alternative location.

Desk space rental

Starting at the bottom, with businesses that are run by individuals, then the recent growth in ‘desk space rental’ options has been huge. This works in wonderfully simple fashion in that an existing businesses will advertise its spare desk space on the free comparison website and potential renters can locate it using a simple search.

The obvious benefit for people who work for themselves is that it means they can enjoy a proper office environment, and often in a city centre or prime business park location. There is no fuss and bother as the building still belongs
to someone else. You’ll get a desk, basic utilities and generally things like broadband internet too. Better still, it instantly gives your business a respectable looking address and postcode.

Greater needs

Moving up the scale and you’re soon into shared offices, services offices and whole offices for rent. Again, the comparison route is the way to find office space that is ideally suited to your needs as you can search for this using a location, the amount of people or desks you need to accomdate, along with costs.

A shared office can be ideal for smaller businesses as it offers no long-term commitment and contracts are often rolling, that is – they operate on a month by month basis and not a 2 to 3 year fixed term. You can often move in straightaway too, and the administration is very simple too. One monthly bill is often the way

Serviced offices, on the other hand, differ from a conventional rented office in that you deal with a management company that takes care of all of the day to day running and provides all of the services. This can often include things like broadband, IT support, heating, lighting and ventilation, plus there are generally post and receptionists on offer too.

Again, this is a quick and convenient way of getting office space, it often highly flexible meaning you can add or subtract desks as you need them, while flexible rolling contracts and no commercial lease negotiations reduce the admin headaches.

Traditional option?

Of course, you may just want to rent a regular office in the traditional manner, but thanks to the internet, you can review your options within the space of just a few mouse clicks. You’ll not only save on shoe leather and hassle but it could be hugely cost effective for your business too.


This article was written on behalf of, the UK’s first proper online marketplace for desk space and shared office space.

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