Don’t Make an Angel Investment before…

Okay, you’ve hunted down the best business proposals, you’ve sorted through the angel networks and found a good supply of deals… now, your network wants you to make an investment, the entrepreneurs appear credible – and hungry … do you press the button and write the cheque?

Or… do you continue with your due diligence?

Making a Business Angel investment is extremely hard and stressful.

You are required to make a decision about the product/ service – based not just on what it is, but what it MIGHT be…

… you need to review the financials, the money in, the money out, the cashflow and the likelihood of an exit with sufficient profit…

… then you need to review the entrepreneur, his or her management team (and their ability to build to talented team around them) and of course, your fellow investors – the Business Angels who may (or may not) be committed to deliver and share experience and help.

Of course, you’ll have advisors involved too, but everyone in the process will have a vested (and understandable) interest in the process. So how do you decide – what the heck – let’s invest?

Is there a neutral and useful review that is quick and easy – that you can undertake? We believe there is…

Sometimes, we get so close to a potential investment that it is very hard to step back and get an independent perspective.

Of course, no investment proposal will be perfect and as a business angel you may well expect to add experience and knowledge that will help the product / service become profitable and successful. However, sometimes the pitch just isn’t quite strong enough.

Other times, you’ll have a niggling doubt.

So how do you resolve whether your doubts are just natural caution but unfounded – or whether your gut feeling is a sign of a bigger problem or unresolved issue?

To help you through the process of deciding about your angel investments, we have devised a questionnaire – free to take – which will guide you through a series of standard questions.

At an advanced stage of the angel investment decision making process, you should be able to answer these questions – or quickly get the solutions.

If not, then either you need more information or the investment proposal is too immature and needs more work.

The questionnaire will help you decide – with an entirely neutral perspective – after all, this is a standard template, whether or not your questions can be resolved or not.

So, before you make your angel investment, take the survey…

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