Calling Entrepreneurs! Free Workshop in Cheshire on Friday 19 November

Neil Lewis author of 100 rules for entrepreneurs will be one of the experts delivering the workshop.

The free one hour workshop called “Startup Sweet” will take place during the Cheshire / Daresbury Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair on the 19th November at the Daresbury Innovation Centre (near Warrington, Cheshire) and will be free of charge to all attendees.

The workshop is designed to help founders find their startup and growth business “Sweet Spot” that perfect place where everything is balanced and optimised according to the organisers.

As part of the workshop, entrepreneurs will find out how to:

* Consider personal strengths and any weaknesses and indentifying the gaps in their business team.
* Understand the strategic options to growing a business – raising finance, vs organic growth vs management sweat equity plus dealing with issues of control and phase of start up.
* Understand how to recruit management and key staff gaps.
* Appreciate how to negotiate with VCs and business angels and optimise the cash or skill injection for equity.

The workshop will be delivered by Neil Lewis, author of 100 Rules for Entrepreneurs, who will be joined by Steve McEwan Director of Beer and Partners – a  leading source of Venture Capital and Business Angel Investment for growing SME businesses in the UK. Those wishing to attend can register for the morning event here

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