iBusinessAngel launching Autumn 2009

Small businesses and start up ventures can no longer access easy investment from banks and therefore need to turn to private individuals – or business angels.

These business angels also often bring a degree of industry experience and knowledge that can be invaluable for small or start-up companies.

The UK has the highest number of angels in Europe, nearly 5,000 active investors in 2007. They invested €73m in 388 deals in England and Wales and a further €41m in 61 deals in Scotland. The average amount raised per deal is €327K and with many investments starting at or around €20k per stake.

The number of wealthy investors in the UK looking for an alternative to investing in stock markets and property is growing rapidly, we believe, and they are looking at the Direct Business Investment option with greater interest than ever before.

In response to a surge in interest in this sector and to serve this growing community of business angel investors we will launch www.iBusinessAngel.com in the early autumn of 2009.

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